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2016 summer travel review of the American Curriculum

Open the United States tour tour, the friendly school waiting for you. The friendly school activities organized in an orderly manner, the goal is clear, hoping the children harvest. American Education Association of the United States

Intel's headquarters is located in the heart of Silicon Valley, the park is only a few minutes away from Google. And a lot of the United States, the technology giant, regardless of the building itself is a humble sign, from the appearance of Intel have maintained a rigorous and low profile.

This is a 6 storey white and blue glass curtain wall building, "Inside Amazing, Experiences Outside Intel" is Intel's latest market promotion Slogan. Literal translation into Chinese is the core of the device in the Intel, the user will bring more amazing external experience. Thanks to USEF's colleagues in the United States Education Association for the children of about to go to the United States and the United States together with the students learning courses, the American Education Association USEF professional arrangements for the American Association of school learning. Help students and schools to have goals, have organized, have the harvest of learning trip!

Photos of the students in the daily activities of the small, they quickly integrate into the local school life! Listen to the lecture, play football, do homework, queue up for dinner!

Students at different time have reached the unfamiliar land, some students learn the end of travel, some students have just set foot on this land to the United States to experience the learning process, I hope you have a harvest.

The United States broadcast: a group study tour to the United States team arrived in the United States family group. I would like to thank the team teacher institutions teachers with high quality, strong sense of responsibility! They led the students and the United States family normal communication without the slightest obstacle, visible is really hard to do education! Trusted BL education!

We are the west coast of the United States, the reception side, are willing to be engaged in the organization to the United States to go to the United States to provide services to the organization of school learning. At the same time also hope that the friends of the country with Chinese characteristics to the United States and cultural exchanges, into a multicultural family. "Only the nation, is the world!"

In the United States as we organize a welcoming ceremony, President of Sino American friendship school published ebullience speech!

Time is too fast, just beginning, did not have time to prepare for departure, a week of learning time in a hurry to go.

Friendly school exchange must be organized, there are plans, there is a goal, there is a harvest. Inheritance of Chinese civilization, open international vision is also important! USEF support of the American education association.

The end of the trip we will open a Dream Tour, Lego park here with a small piece of a piece of a country together, then we can use it to piece together a dream? Accompany your child to start a journey of creation! To build a child with a child or to create a kingdom of our own dreams, waiting for you to join the children! The Lego dream journey is waiting for you and your children to join

Hands on the Lego Park, we go to experience the wonderful Disney! Children here are colorful scenes, all kinds of famous cartoon characters, all kinds of bursts of screams attracted. We take the group as a unit, under the leadership of the teachers of the team split. Children's ability is really can not be underestimated, they looked at the English map, with a non fluent English to find the way to play the facilities of the line [strong], awesome ah! We forget the tired, afraid of the sun, in the amusement park, he did a great. We played the mine car, the pirate ship, the devil house, traffic congestion and other projects, some students also see the wonderful floats performances, their meal card to buffet lunch at noon today so excited happy ah! But we all Tan a circle [tears] night hotel swimming also attracted a lot of students, and then nostalgia for one day, mom and dad in Beijing welcome you!

Full of care, full of expectations, the friendly school friends, I am in China, I wait for you! Thank the teachers dedicated to take care of the students, the study tour, no cases of sick students, study tour ended!

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