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Chinese culture course

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Our Chinese Culture course allows flourishing students to not only skim the surface while living in Beijing. We are able to offer a one in life time experience. where you are able to see the true culture of china. We believe language and culture are inseparable so we do not only help the students learn Chinese, but also help students understand China’s ancient culture and beliefs. The Chinese Language Center offers Chinese calligraphy, traditional Chinese ink painting, Chinese knot tying, guqin and other types of auxiliary courses.

Course characteristics

This program also offers the ability to select 1 on 1 study, with your own teacher.

Classroom sizes will be small and have an average of 4 people per class.

There will be no classes taking place during school and Publics holidays.

The maximum class size will be up to 8.

This course location is only offered in Beijing.

School advantage

Declaration of foreign students Chinese Language Center in our school. After my school for data review, our school will be to qualified students issued admission notice and invitation, students hold my school admission notice and invitation file after can be to the local embassy or consulateGet 180 days student visa

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