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Educational, cultural and educational training school


Dongcheng District, Peking City, teach UNESCO training school was established in 2001, is a belonging to the Dongcheng District Education Commission of private training schools, the new premises located in Dongcheng District, Beijing Hutong East wells 11 Beijing printing No. 4 3C01.

Since its establishment, Dongcheng District education, science and culture training school has always carried out international education and improve teaching quality as the lifeline, survival line and development line of running school. The school has always attached importance to the teaching of students' knowledge, the ability to develop, the development of intelligence. Adhere to the thought of "facing all and all round development". Every student's little progress has encouraged the school to innovate and forge ahead!

With the increasingly frequent international exchanges, more and more students have a large demand for face-to-face communication with foreign teachers, parents are eager to provide high-quality foreign experts to the school to teach. This is the school to look at the world, in-depth, comprehensive international understanding of education, for the cultivation of international vision, knowledge of the international rules of the training objectives laid the foundation.

Our advantages of the project: the short-term travel, school exchanges, foreign teachers, foreign students learning, culture and education, accounting, foreign languages, art, computer, Chinese language, job training,.

And recently we have been with Fangcaodi international school, vocational high school of Fengtai, Beijing Language and Culture University School established friendly relations of cooperation, to cultivate to attract foreign students in China learn to build the a through bridge.

School spirit of "education for this, international priority," the idea of running a school, let the students learn "honest and trustworthy, diligent and realistic," the spirit of Chinese culture in the ceremonies, to cultivate internationalized talents at home and abroad to social responsibility to do.


Dongcheng District Beijing education science and culture training school

September 2015

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